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Improving Skin Quality

From 25 years old the skin's elasticity declines due to reduced collagen and elastin production. Dark spots, hyperpigmentation and an increasing dryness might surface. By using medical grade skincare products rich in vitamin A (retinols), cell turnover is improved resulting in brighter skin. Pigment issues can be met head-on with active ingredients like hydroquinone. For radiant, taut and elastic skin, injectable hyaluronic acid skin boosters such as Profhilo may be used.

Restore Volume & Definition

The 20s and 30s herald the start of loss of subcutaneous fat, particularly around the eyes, nose and mid-face. Through the expert use of dermal fillers, lost volume can be replenished, granting the face renewed structure and support. To target stubborn pockets of fat under the chin and around the body, fat dissolving injections offer an effective lasting solution, as long as a healthy lifestyle backs it up.

Diminish Lines & Wrinkles

The emergence of early wrinkles, especially across the forehead and around the eyes, can be gracefully managed. Botulinum toxin will relax the muscles that form these wrinkles, effectively reversing and preventing line formation.

Resolving Asymmetry

While everyone's face has its unique set of contours, pronounced asymmetry can be subtly corrected with the strategic application of dermal fillers or botulinum toxin.

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